Embrace Creativity at Northbrook Art in the Park This Weekend

Brushstrokes on a Northbrook Weekend

the photo is of an artist drawing a face with charcoal

Northbrook’s dynamic spirit is ready to celebrate creativity this coming weekend, May 13th and May 14th, with the Northbrook Art in the Park event1. An emblem of the community’s zeal, the festival is poised to showcase the rich tapestry of local artistic talent.

A Palette Full of Artistry

The two-day Northbrook Art in the Park festival promises a feast for art lovers. A broad array of artworks, including captivating sculptures, delicate fiber pieces, and striking paintings, will adorn the event2. Artisans will also display their exquisite, handcrafted jewelry, providing an enthralling aesthetic experience for visitors3.

Interactive Experiences and Learning

The Northbrook Art in the Park is more than an exhibition; it’s an interactive journey into the world of art4. Vibrant live music will set the mood throughout the weekend, while painting classes will inspire attendees to explore their own creative potential5.

Moreover, for the younger art enthusiasts, the event features a “Kids Art Stop”. Here, children can engage with artists, learning about the art-making process and fostering their artistic curiosity6.

More than Art: Food, Drink, and Charity

This Northbrook Art in the Park is not solely about artistry. Gastronomical delights and a curated selection of beer and wine will cater to attendees’ palates7.

The event also embodies a philanthropic spirit. Attendees are encouraged to donate gently used wall art to the Chicago Furniture Bank8, a non-profit organization aiding those transitioning from shelters to permanent housing.

Several artists are participating in the Green Ribbon Project. They’ll place a green ribbon on selected pieces, and if sold, 10% of the proceeds will benefit the Chicago Furniture Bank9.


An Artistic Morning Salutation

Adding to the symphony of experiences, the event will host a complimentary yoga class, presented by the Free Mvmt Shop, on Sunday morning from 9 to 10 am10.

Get ready to immerse in a weekend filled with artistry, community engagement, and philanthropy at the Northbrook Art in the Park event.

Disclaimer: The event, hosted by Special Service Area 27, is located on Lincoln Avenue between Roscoe and School Street. Attendees are kindly asked to follow local health guidelines for an enjoyable experience.

Adam Faust, Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Deep Blue Financial LLC, Northbrook IL


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