Sustainable Investing​

Socially Responsible Green Investments

One of Deep Blue Financials’ primary focuses is socially responsible “green investments”. Deep Blue Financial’s “Green Portfolios” use a simple belief that green investments will likely be some of the most lucrative investments over the course of the next half century. Local, and federal governments all over the world are concentrating vast sums of public money into wind power, solar energy projects, energy distribution, energy storage and many many more areas.

Adam Faust, our investment principal, will sit down with you for a detailed look at your current portfolio and discuss how much of your portfolio could be repositioned to invest in socially responsible, green investments. Some clients like to reposition their entire portfolio, where others want to pay close attention to taxes and invest only what is financially viable. We find both approaches to be admirable.

Deep Blue will then provide and discuss a detailed plan to allocate your portfolio towards your green goals. We maintain a “target portfolio” of recommended investments that is allocated across several industries … green energy, energy distribution, electric car production, battery production, traffic automation, energy storage, etc. Clients are welcome to follow our target portfolios or specialize their portfolio as they see fit. We will help every step of the way. Learn more about ESG investing by contacting us at (312) 307-3222 or click here to email DBF Wealth Management. You can also find a great article here.

Some of the stock market’s largest winners should very likely come from areas of green investment.
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